26 January 2021

Are we really in a hydrogen bubble? Opportunities remain for savvy investors

LGB's Chris Stebbings, Institutional Sales Director, wrote an article for Energy Manager Magazine on the future of a hydrogen-based economy and what that means for investors.


With one of the most turbulent years on record almost behind us, the Climate Crisis nevertheless remains at the top of the global political agenda. One key enabler for a carbon-neutral future is the transition to a green hydrogen-based economy, and at least 20 countries – collectively representing around 70% of global GDP – are proposing hydrogen strategies or roadmaps as key elements of their decarbonisation plans. For example, the UK government recently unveiled a plan to make green hydrogen a cornerstone of its "green industrial revolution”, while the EUs three-phase hydrogen roadmap announced earlier this summer envisages up to €500bn being invested in this transition by 2050, potentially employing up to one million people. The incoming US administration is also expected to reverse the current administrations policies to invest significantly in clean energy infrastructure over the next four years.


Read the full article here.

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